Integration Successful

So I’ve been updating and changing some features, adding backend stuff that will enable this wonderful idea of integration. Facebook, Twitter, other social sites & my WordPress site & my SugarCRM sit are all integrated. This post will show on my facebook and I believe (haven’t checked) my twitter, as well as, I can now track things in my CRM inside my website administration interface. If you need help with a complex website, let me know. I can help setup most all the technical stuff that a designer usually can’t do. When it comes to creating a nice looking layout, look to the designer, but when your data is crashing your website, call me.

A few tools that I’m using and currently integrating together:

+ Project Manager
+ File Manager
+ Forum Server
+ MapPress
+ various other tools

+ OpenMeetings (untested)
+ Computer Inventory, Consultation, Repair Tracking
+ Help Desk
+ various other tools

– Integrated with the WordPress website in many ways

– Integrated with the WordPress website

– Integrated with the WordPress website in many ways

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