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Recently I have been doing a lot of website work, which made me come to a conclusion today after trying to find a solution for someone’s website. You see, there are many different ways to conclude which host you choose. I’m going to attempt an explanation.

I’m obviously hosted with’s free web host that comes with a domain purchase – notice the advertisement for them at the top of my website. They will remove it and give me a better hosting package for less than $5/month! Such a great deal, I honestly don’t know why I haven’t bothered to pay for a year yet.

You can also find several free website hosts, that offer a subdomain for free and often you can setup a fairly decent website. But remember, you get what you pay for. (IE: the day it isn’t available, is the day you go purchase one, instead of relying on the free ones).

OfficeLive allows small businesses to create a free website in ASP with their template system, similar to many other free sites. It’s not bad, but you have no access to a database for a serious website.

Either way, we do a consultation for you and can give you several options. Please contact us today.

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