What to do when Kodi doesn’t go completely full screen on second monitor or TV.

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I’m posting so people with similar problems can find the answer. I hadn’t found an answer to this specific issue yet.
If you have a laptop that has a high resolution screen (1080p on 15,6″ in my case) Kodi might not run very well in full screen mode if you use a second monitor.

The problem:
Full screen modes will just sort of overlap 80% starting from the left top of the second monitor. Strangely the problem does not exist if you use the laptop’s own screen.

The solution:
What I found is causing this problem is Windows’ high DPI settings that normally scales up apps on your tiny high res laptop screen. Fortunately you can turn it off for any program.
Navigate to where you installed Kodi (or the shortcut to the program.)
Right click on Kodi.exe and select properties.
Go to the compatibility tab and make sure the “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings” box is checked. Apply or OK and restart the program.

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