I think I just witnessed the most amazing feature in Windows Operating System History! A legacy that will impress the nerds for years to come. Seriously, I just changed my motherboard, CPU and RAM (and case and power supply) – re-installed my hard drive from my crashed motherboard and VIOLA – I’m back up and running…

I never knew this was a feature of Windows 8 and have now just been amazed. Windows never before (I believe) has been able to perform this amazing functionality. Win8, However, acted like the hardware update was just some new software – well to be more literal it said, new devices…. and amazingly just booted as if the brain wasn’t just taken out of it and changed.

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Even after re-install fresh completely using the new UEFI partitioning I was able to have a nice stable, super fast Windows 8 machine – dubbed BlackBox. 🙂 pictures to be added later. *Teaser – GA-Z77N-WIFI Motherboard*

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